What Googawho is...

Googawho is a web-based search tool thats all about giving you the fastest, most complete way to search the web - just enter your search terms once, click the button to Double Your Search! and instantly view your search results from two popular engines at random side-by-bide!

But don't stop there, you're just one click away from viewing your search results from seven more great search engines, eight in all!

  • Googawho is a great tool for locating websites, images and news results.
  • Googawho is a web mashup, lovingly crafted in PHP, jQuery & JavaScript, compatible in all major browsers.
  • Googawho is worthy of your support, consider a donation!

What Googawho is not...

Googawho is not interested in finding out a bunch of stuff about you. Except for your monitor resolution settings, they help us size the iFrames properly.

  • Googawho is not a search engine.
  • Googawho is not a database.
  • Googawho is not, as of yet, all powerful.
  • Googawho is not bad at social networking so please, follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or subscribe to our channel on YouTube!
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What Googawho does...

Googawho does its best to provide you with the fastest way to compare ALL of the internet's top search engines with just one search on just one page! While its true that Google has recently made changes that prevent us from letting you compare its content here, the Googawho Tabulizer will still launch your search in Google for comparison in another tab.

  • Googawho does parse your search string for special characters, and formats that string into several search URLs.
  • Googawho does interface with the bit.ly API to offer you a shortened search URL that makes sharing your interesting comparisons easy.
  • Googawho does offer a browser search plugin complete with search suggestion features for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Add the Googawho Firefox Search Plugin
  • Googawho does hope you'll want some of our bobbles, so please have a look at our shop.
  • Googawho does create a small cookie containing only your monitor's current resolution setting.

What Googawho does not...

Googawho does not save your search terms or your search results. But it is no secret that all of the major search engines featured here do save every search ever made on them.

  • Googawho does not do much blogging, however, the rare post to announce new features may be found here.
  • Googawho does not think there's anything wrong with what you're wearing per se, but, might we suggest...
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  • Googawho does not play hard to get. So feel free to contact us with questions or comments anytime.
  • Googawho does not want to harm our environment, and chooses to minimize our impact by consuming 100% renewable, sustainable, community supported wind power